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Telling a story has value in text, video, visual, and in person. People want to hear the realness. Personally, I enjoy writing about marketing, random ideas, personal opinions, and helping others tell their story.


I have always had a passion for design. I just enjoy this stuff. Being involved in creating an identity for a person or business is very rewarding. Creating out-of-this-world concepts to entertain is my bread and butter.

Web development

Having been involved in multiple start-up concepts and professional business web development


Music really controls the creative urges I get. Notes and sequences give complete freedom to expression. Most times I create just to create with no real scope or boundary.

product photography

A craft I really enjoy. Just photography, in general, is fun but capturing a static product is very rewarding.

Creativity Scientist Rich Marks the Spot


I go by Rich. I’m a marketer full of creativity with 8+ years of experience. I craft videos, SEO strategies, websites, and email campaigns. I love reading blogs, finding solutions to problems, and seeing value in mentorship to improve my repertoire.

I reside in western Massachusetts with my wife, two kids, and a mean cat named Raekuen. Most of my evenings are spent doing something creative, working with my hands, enjoying a great movie or show, and hanging out in the creativity lab listening to records.

I’ve always been an eager doer. As I was finishing up my master’s degree and waiting tables full-time I found myself doing lots of creative freelance work. I think my passion for creativity and ideas spreads like wildfire. The Creativity Scientist name just happened.

I write jingles, craft hot sauces, try to skateboard, jump rope, paint, do electrical work, and create out-of-the-box ideas like The Animal Shelter Bar and Pool Side Causal (mostly for the enjoyment of my friends and family).

My first passion in life was the performance arts. All that Jazz, Tap, etc… To this day I believe this influenced my ability to tell a story and keep people entertained and engaged. I look at every project like a broadway show, a theatrical performance, even if it’s just looking at some data to try and find a great keyword for an article or concept.

Have you ever played Nintendo? Not the new “Nintendo Switch” but the classic NES, the really hard one where you die in about 3 seconds if not skilled in the art of 8-bit. I ask because I consider myself a bit of a classic Nintendo expert and it’s how I see marketing and sales.

Why would I make this comparison?

Even though I have mastered many Nintendo games I can’t just sit down and beat them one after another. When I revisit a game it takes time to reacclimate to the strategy and practice the nuances. As someone who often wears many hats, I can quickly prepare and strategize to accomplish the task at hand to effectively get the win.

I am a full-stack marketer but if I had to pick a niche, even though that is extremely hard, I would say it’s expressing a story with an effective video.

I’m skilled in marketing, communication, and content creation. Passionate for, brand storytelling, creative communication, and business development. I am eager to adapt, learn, cultivate in different environments and hold huge value in mentorships to improve my repertoire.

CRMs – Hubspot, Connectwise, Monday, Asana, Slack, Discord
Content Creation – QuarkXPress, Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Office Suite, Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Lightroom, Creative Cloud Express
Content Delivery & Automation – Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Sprout Social
Website Design & Optimization – WordPress, Google Analytics, Yoast, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Siteground, Go Daddy, Dreamhost, Network Solutions, Zoho, Wincher, Moz, Semrush, Spyfu

• Facebook Live Camera Operator
• Building Brand Identity
• Content Writing
• Project Management
• Film Directing, Producing & Editing
• Dance Choreographer, Tap Dancer & Theater Actor
• Graphic Design

• Started the hipster mustache trend in 2006
• Had a viral video eating Pho with strangers
• Classic Nintendo Expert (Mario, Contra, Zelda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
• Father and Husband
• My Passion Is Creativity
• Sometimes I’m the “Creativity Scientist