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We build superbrands.

Video can bring the results you want and humanize your brand over and over again. Please take a look at a couple of Creativity Scientist client videos on our Vimeo page.

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It's ok to be 100% yourself on social media. Actually, it's preferred.

Everyone is creative when you start using your story.

Go through the bad ideas to find the best ones, trust the process.

Soft, hard and loud ideas all have a place in documenting your business and personal brand.

Social media is best practiced in moderation.

The building blocks of a story are already built.

Our creativity inspires.

Doing a couple of Creativity Scientist exercises can yield a lifetime of ideas. Start understanding your story better so you can start effectively marketing yourself. Follow us on Facebook to see what fun creativity we are dishing out.

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Meet the Founder "Find me someone that says they have no creativity and I will prove them wrong. I have always been defiant so I'm rolling with it." the selfie of creativity scientist founder - Rich Marks the Spot

analysis, research and a solution

An in-depth analysis of your brand, messaging, culture, pains, problems, themes and especially purpose. This deep dive goes into finding the why.


Creative team gets down to business

Identify individual film ideas, episodic series ideas, CEO maxim videos, and themes. These all are packaged into marketing campaigns that we plan together to hit your targets.


Blueprint to the final solution

Together we plan production, delivery schedule, and technical asset acquisition. After campaigns are designed and scheduled we move to film, editing and publishing.